Zara Outlet


Finally, ZARA OUTLET lovers in mainland China can enjoy the same online shopping experience as the rest of the world.

The  ZARA OUTLET China online shop was officially launched on 5th September 2012 and I was invited to enjoy an exclusive preview of the site and do some shopping on it last week.

The design and functionality of the China site is basically the same as any other ZARA online shops. Like on all other  ZARA OUTLET websites, supermodel Freja Beha is on the front page to welcome visitors. However, China’s own international supermodel Liu Wen is shown most frequently in product photos and videos.


You can visit the ZARA OUTLET China online shop in either simplified Chinese or English.

Shipping is RMB10 per shipment or free if you purchase more than RMB299 in one transaction; and return shipping is always free. You can also choose to pick up your purchase in one of your nearest ZARA stores for free.

Ok, think it doesn’t relate to you (because you don’t live in China)? Think again!

It’s common knowledge that brands introduce different designs and products to different countries. So, now you can clearly see what items ZARA is selling in China that might not be available in your country! And maybe it’s time to start making some friends in China who happen to love online shopping and sending parcels overseas…LOL

In my next post, I will share with you my hottest picks from the ZARA OUTLET China online shop!  Get ready to shop!